Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flowers and Favorites

I love flowers...
Unfortunately, so do the Triad.  They think the flowers are something to bite and pull out of vases.  Edgar, of course, is the nosiest and most brazen offender.

Recent favorites on the web:

This lovely pin wheel quilt!

All of these over at Trends & Traditions!


  1. have yet to meet kitty adolescents such as the triad who did not re-arrange most flower vases. A vexing habit and those paws are so quick!

  2. Since the Triad is into everything else, it is no surprise that they love to shadow box flowers in a vase!

    Yesterday, Edgar stole a cherry tomato I'd brought in and left on the counter. By the time I found it, he must have had great fun with his "ball." Just glad I discovered it visually, rather than by stepping on it!


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