Friday, May 21, 2010

After some bad storms yesterday, today promises to be beautiful!  I have so many things in mind to do today since I have to be out for some errands anyway, but I'm still in pajamas, drinking my coffee; the impetus to shower and dress has so far eluded me.

Amelia, Chris, and Bryce Eleanor are in Florida for the wedding of one of Chris's cousins.  Hope they have a wonderful time!

Corners of our home:

Some of the books I've been reviewing on my book blog.  Finally, making in-roads on this task.  Need to gather the books by my reading chair and get busy on those, too.
 Love the newest Buddha...
 Gonesh makes the best incense!  In fact, it is the only incense I've ever liked, but since discovering it, there is almost always some burning in one of our several incense burners.  If you haven't tried it, visit Spiritual Scents and try lavender or sandal wood--heavenly!

Several years ago, I found two old flower prints at a flea market and had them framed.  I love them both.

This is a print Fee found at Discount Builders (strange place to find all kinds of things). 

The flower prints are on my side of the bathroom; this one is on his side. 

We also have a Blue Dog, a Story People, and a framed Chinese piece in the bathroom.  Easy to want to spend time there.

Early this morning, I took this picture coming down the stairs from my studio.

Now, on to the shower, a brief foray with straightening the house and putting on the laundry...then out the door!

Hope you are all having a good Friday!


  1. Some of my friends burn incense heavily. Sometimes it really bothers my nose and I get headaches so I never use it at home. The same way with scented candles. I've had to give or throw them away because of bad headaches, even when not burning.

    Yep, cutting into that pie crust was like an "Awww" moment.

  2. You must be really scentsitive, Connie. I love scented candles, although (like most brands of incense) there are many I just can't tolerate. Same with some perfumes.

    Your tomato pie crust was so gorgeous! Wanting the contents and cutting the crust would have created a real dilemma for me!

  3. Miss BE just saw these and is excited to see Lucy, although I suspect Edgar is still her prime target

  4. She will have her opportunity tomorrow...

    Tell her Edgar wants someone to play with!


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