Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I left all my other DIPs (dolls in progress) neglected and forlorn while working on the Izannah Walker inspired doll class over at Cloth and Clay Dolls.  She has a cloth doll body and a paper clay overlay on her head and shoulders.
 Without going into all of the things that could have been done better--and there is a long list of notes to myself--this doll was an excellent learning experience, and I want to do another one soon.  The lessons at Cloth and Clay Dolls are easy to understand and very helpful.  Playing with a bit of a paper clay resulted in a tiny sleeping doll for the Izzy doll. 

Izanah Walker was a doll-maker who made dolls during the mid-1880's.  Her dolls are considered primitive dolls, but they are definitely works of art; originals, which are rare, are highly collectible.

Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands (via Craft Gossip) looks like such a wonderful exhibit.  Of course, I'd love to visit The American Folk Art Museum at any time.


  1. gosh, Jen - you sure do have an affinity for this doll-making stuff! LOVE the color distribution on this one and the fabric choices.

  2. ACey - Thanks, I find choosing the fabric something of a dilemma. Making the dolls has been an unexpected pleasure. The last dolls I made several years ago were mainly frustration, but these have been such a pleasure!

  3. They are lovely dolls! You did such a nice job.

  4. OfficeType - Thanks! I'm having such fun!

  5. Amiga Jen me gustan mucho tus trabajos, esta muñeca es muy hermosa,quiero hacer una cuando tenga mas conocimientos, para mostrárselas.Un abrazo


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