Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mess in Progress

 Tuesday, I decided to try papier mache' in addition to the paper clay.  I let it dry, then put it all away  so I could get some less enjoyable things done.
 This morning I was up early; couldn't wait to get started.  As soon as Fee left, I brought all my papier mache' down stairs so I could work in the kitchen.  What a mess!

The critter (I have no idea what it is) was all papier mache', then I covered the head with paper clay. 

The head and hands of the standing man are paper clay, but the arms, legs, and body are papier mache'.  I covered him in newspaper first, then used computer paper to clean him up a bit.

I really must clean up.  There is drippy flour and water paste everywhere, and strips of newspaper and computer paper, and little sticks, and more.  But every time I start to clean up, I start something else...


  1. This looks like so much fun!!!!!

  2. Love your critters and people-they look very whimsical and with full personalities. Cool!

  3. Learning through play = Child Development 101...letting your inner child out looks like so much fun! =-)

  4. Gerrie - :) If you don't mind paste and paper hands, it's a blast!

    Debra - Thanks! They are kind of coming along at their own pace. I'm just going with the flow and letting them tell me what's next!

    Debby - Funny! This morning, I was thinking this is just like Bible School, which I adored as a kid because we got to make crafts! So, you are right, the inner child has been emerging lately!

  5. Oh, what fun! I love this!

  6. Very creative - love the detail in your pieces.

  7. Love your paper mache pieces..How fun! You do such creative work!!
    Happy Easter.

  8. where are the crown-centric pics? I am waiting for them eagerly and, as you can, see not very patiently!

  9. Rian - :) Thanks!

    Spoonful - The detail is such a fun aspect of the dolls. Accidents result in many of the details!

    averyclaire - Thanks and hope your Easter was a joy!

    ACey - I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of them wearing the crowns, but by Easter morning (when they received them), the kids were so distracted by candy that they had little interest in the crowns!


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