Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday Was Play Day

Fee went out of town yesterday, and I spent the entire day playing.  Such fun! Haven't played with my embellisher and roving in such a long time.

I worked on several different projects, then last night had popcorn for dinner, started my latest Lee Child novel, and read until late.

Have some errands to do this morning, but the house is clean, and when I get home, I'm going to play some more. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday.


  1. I'd love it when my hubby went hunting this winter and I didn't have to cook or worry about time getting away. Playing is such fun-keeping an eye on the embroideries-can't wait to see the finished results!!

  2. suesue - :) It is fun when you have all day and nothing to account for, isn't it?


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