Thursday, March 11, 2010


Some peeks at my very slow progress on different projects...

Some roving and felts.

Lucy and Stinker want in my studio.  They like nothing more than playing with my thread, roving, embellishments.  I have to make sure the door is shut tight, or they push their way in.

 Edgar has been banned twice today and has decided it isn't worth the effort.


  1. your easter projects are so colorful and fresh! Love this image of a 2/3rds of the triad. They definitely look like their coordinating their strategy!

  2. ACey - Thanks! I'm enjoying all my current projects!

    When I open the studio door from inside, they are usually sitting there on the top two steps or come running like a herd of elephants. Well, Edgar sounds like an elephant, Stinker and Lucy are much lighter on their feet, but are still noisy when bounding up the stairs!


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