Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunnies in the Garden

I knew I'd seen a bunny and carrot hair clip, but couldn't remember where.  I decided to proceed on my own, but eventually went back to looking so I could credit the person who inspired me.  Finally, I found it -- During Quiet Time.  She has made all kinds of cute hair clips!

Here is my version:
I wish I'd remembered that she had used pompons for the bunny heads; I felted mine from wool roving then onto acrylic felt.  Evidently forgot that hers were separate bunny and carrot, and just  remembered the way they were placed.  Mine are attached--bunny with carrot in mouth.  Searched for the wiggle eyes to finish them off, but couldn't find them so bought some more (now, of course, those suckers will turn up).

Wiggle eyes fascinate me.  I'm going to have to make some more creatures (cats, dogs?) so I can use more wiggle eyes!

I stayed in the garden so long yesterday, sewing beads, embroidering, and reading that my shoulders burned.  Not much, but definitely red.  Today promises to be just as beautiful, but there are too many errands, classes, and duties to attend to today to take advantage.


  1. Those will look so cute worn.

  2. Oh, those dang errands and duties always muck everything up!

    Cute lil buns!

  3. Kay - They are perfect hair clips for Easter. The next ones I make will be with pompons, like the ones over at During Quiet Time because I love those fluffy faces!

    Rian - Not only the time involved in actually running the errands and performing the duties, but the time spent procrastinating!

  4. Wow...these bunnies looks great in the garden. It adds to the beauty of the garden. keep on posting.


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