Sunday, March 07, 2010

Academy Awards

Amelia's annual Oscar Party is tonight.  Bryce Eleanor has only been around for two of these parties, so as far as she is concerned, they've been going on forever.  I'm really not sure how many there have been, but they are always a big production. 

I've stolen a few pictures of A's decorations for tonight's party to share with you.  Little paper Oscars are taped inside the lamp shade.  Nice effect.
She got those little plastic frames at Michael's for a dollar each and they serve to announce the menu.   More here.

We attended the Shreveport Symphony performance on Friday. It was the Cirque de la Symphonie, complete with jugglers, arial performers, and acrobats and music by Dvorak, Bizet, and John Williams.  Another wonderful experience and another sold-out performance.



  1. I actually thought of this event over the weekend. Was so hoping you'd have some details to share. Wonder how Bryce Eleanor will embody the creative gene as she grows older?

  2. ACey - More details here. The decorations were beautiful!


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