Thursday, February 04, 2010

Keep Calm

 Close to finishing this heart piece. 

Love this!  Found in Jenniegee's Etsy Shop.
Currently sold out, darn it!

  Amelia is quite a shopper.  She loves browsing the net and buying stuff for Bryce Eleanor, and her Shop for Tots always has new sales for the two-year-old fashion diva. 

I haven't sewn for my granddaughters for quite a while, but believe it must be about time to begin a project.  The last thing I did was to embroider the little cowboy from Andrea Zuill's pattern (the only embroidery pattern I've ever used) onto a tee shirt for Max.   It turned out adorably, but it was just sewn onto a regular tee shirt.  I've done nothing for the girls for quite a while.

Yesterday was the most delightful day!

Fee called and asked me to meet him for lunch with Amelia.  For dessert I had Copeland's white chocolate bread pudding.  Mmmmm.

Visit from beautiful niece Katie, who brought some papers from the office for me to sign.  She showed me the sparkly tutus she and friend Jessie made for the big day on Sunday.  "Who Dat Breezin' to the Super Bowl?" 

Not only did I want my own sparkly tutu, but the tatooed sleeves they also purchased for the occasion!  I'm going to have to beg some pictures from her after their party on Sunday.

Amelia and Chris are also having a Super Bowl party, and I can't wait to show you pictures of Amelia's "table scape."  Amelia has such creative parties!

Great visit and yoga workout with Marcia in the afternoon (to help get rid of some of those wonderful bread pudding calories!

Oh, and I'd ordered a book by Sharon Lovejoy, Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars, that was delivered yesterday.  I adore it!  More on that later.

Last night, more of McCloud's Daughters and work on the heart piece.

Perfect day!


  1. My kids were at a tattoo convention recently and saw those tattoo sleeves and my son's comment was (as told to me by my DIL): "those sleeves are so corny, looks like something my mom would wear!" OK, that just about did it.

  2. Debra - :) I know he's right, but still...I want some! The older I get, the younger I feel!

  3. My dear JenClair,

    I appreciate YOU "a bushel and a peck," thanks for mentioning Toad Cottages.

    Your fan,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. I love the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn!!

  5. Jenclair,
    The thing that amazes me with McLeods Daughters is that they are only half an hour away from a fabulous quilt shop and never got there!
    Judy B

  6. Sharon - Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your book! It is so full inspiration!

    Gerrie - I love the original version, but this one tickles me!

    JudyB - Well, who knew! I don't guess the shop is in Gungellan? :)


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