Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love Whimsey!

A visit with Jude at Spirit Cloth always lifts my spirits.  Don't you love the expressions communicated through the eyes on this one?   I wish my imagine was this whimsical, I could entertain myself for ever by telling myself stories!

Another way to use up scraps and a great valentine project over at The Attic Window.  Check out Carol's applique tutorial while you're there!

On another subject:

This is my reading and sewing nook downstairs.  I can hide my embroidery paraphernalia in the drawers of this old Chinese chest when I want to straighten up.

On the other side of my chair is my new bookcase.  Now I'm not spread out all over the living room with stacks of books on every surface.  I can watch television and embroider or read as I choose.

I've been reading more than usual for the last month or so.  As a result of the packing and moving and unpacking and arranging, sewing (other than tiny embroidered pieces) has not been practical.  I'm almost caught up with reviews over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket, my book blog.

Of course, the Triad can present a problem with reading and embroidery unless I banish them.  They try to turn the pages of my books before I'm ready and find embroidery floss a delightful challenge.  So...depending on their behavior (Stinker is always good), Edgar and Lucy often find themselves on the other side of the door.


  1. You've got a delightful little nook there! I just read Wolf Hall, the new Booker Prize winner and liked it so much I read Mantel's earlier one, A Place of Greater Safety, about the French Revolution. Do you know these books? Both are well worth reading.

  2. Kay - I'll put Wolf Hall on my list! Thanks, Kay, I love Tudor history!

  3. Welcome back, Jen! Yes, I love Jude's work. I am a big fan. I also love your embroideries.

  4. Gerrie - It is good to be back; I'm having fun catching up on everyone!

  5. Nice to see you back in blogland!!

  6. I like your new furniture. Very nice. That spot looks very inviting.

  7. do the cats try to get in the drawer(s) once you've put your embroidery in there?

  8. debra - Thanks! I've missed keeping up with everyone.

    Rian - The Chinese chests were in the living room before, but since this house is smaller, we are using them for bed side tables. We got them in Savannah a couple of years ago and love the drawers!

    My reading/hand sewing nook is a real sanctuary!

    ACey - I shut these drawers once I put something in them or the cats "fish" for the contents! Lucy prefers the bathroom sinks, but by the time I get my camera, she's gone.

  9. I bet it feels good to have the move behind you and now be able to settle back in to some routine. I've missed your blogging while you were busy with the move and am glad to see your posts again. Your corner looks great.

  10. Connie - Thanks, Connie! I do love routines, and I'm ready to settle in to some old and some new routines right now. Making time for blogging (and blog hopping) has been a routine I've missed!


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