Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The vagaries of life...

keep overtaking me. Some small, some large, some serious, some almost comical--but it has been one thing after another in the last two months. Things are looking up, however!

The worst: Amelia has been quite ill with meningitis, a very scary time. Released from the hospital a week ago, she has still not fully recovered, but in comparison to where she was, she is in great health.

The best: She went to her doctor's appointment yesterday and got the OK to go back to work for half a day, then come home and take a nap. She is still dealing with joint pain and fatigue, but is doing quite well. I wrote a little about it here on my book blog last week.

I have failed to acknowledge the package I received from Debby (...Pieces, Too...); I'm sorry not to have done so earlier, Debby. Thanks, so much for the goodies!Aren't these lovely threads? Can't wait to use them!


  1. Have been missing you. Meningitis is very scary. Hope she continues to get healthy.

  2. That is very scary. We've missed you but totally understand. Sending good well wishes your way.

  3. Gerrie - It has been a scary time, but things improve every day. She gets frustrated about the fatigue, but she deals with it. :)

    Cowgirl - Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. We all can so, so, so, relate! Sometimes it just all seems to arrive at once! Blessings to dear Amelia and best wishes to all of the rest of you. I just know she is so blessed to have you for a mom :)

  5. Michele - Thanks for the good wishes! Amelia is much improved now, and we are so grateful!


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