Friday, October 09, 2009


Getting back to a project that is never the studio.

I keep finding items that I've forgotten about: WIPs, completed projects that have just been "filed" away, items that I've never used. You know, all of those things that are "out of sight, out of mind."

I clean and straighten a bit, then find something and begin playing and messing up again.

This little crochet(ed?) cloche is something I did several years ago. I attached one of the flowers I made from Calamity Kim's tutorial to a hair clip and then to the hat, which is child size, and will, I suspect, be going to Bryce Eleanor.

Today...I'm going to re-purpose an old tee shirt. I hung it in here for just that reason, oh, two months ago. Time to do something with it.

I love this use of a pumpkin! I'd never have thought of turning a pumpkin into a pirate ship for Halloween (Cinderella's pumpkin coach has nothing on this)!

It was 79 degrees when I got up before 5:00 this morning. The rains came a few minutes ago, and the WIND, and the temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees. Flash flood warnings are in effect. I have a yoga class at 10:00, but will have to wait and see about that.


  1. I love that hat, it's adorable.
    It's 63 here and rainy. Dreary looking. A great day for being here, cozy and indoors for the day. Yep it is. :)

  2. That's an absolutely adorable hat. It will be wonderful on Bryce Eleanor.


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