Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miscellaneous Tuesday

I love this tutorial by Amy over at the b-line! Makes walking your dog even better when you have a pouch for those necessary clean-ups. There is a section called "let's make" that takes you to a variety of fun crafty tutorials. Amy also has an Etsy Shop with pretty things like this bracelet:We've been having lovely, cool mornings here; so unusual for August, but so appreciated. This morning after a short practice, I joined Fee outside for coffee; we watched the world move from dark to light.

Bryce Eleanor and Duckie.

A glance back to Austin--- Look at all the smiles, even after a full day of yoga classes.,
One day we had to move outside because the electricity was off...not a pleasant experience when every day is 100+ degrees.


  1. Awwww... Bee looks almost sweet!

  2. such radiant yoginis in that first photo! Am hoping it won't be more than another week or two at the most before I can start reconnecting with my daily practice. These pictures really inspire me to stick with rejuvenation efforts until I can get that far!

  3. ALM - She IS sweet some of the time! Some of the time she acts like her mother... :)

    ACey - I've altered my personal practice to a very gentle, early morning, stretch and twist fest for the most part. Practically fall out of bed onto my mat and begin a sort of "slow and easy does it" series of postures. Sometimes as short as 20 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour because I'm enjoying it so much.

    When you feel like beginning your daily practice again, ACey, try doing it more for your personal enjoyment than for exercise. This approach has been much more beneficial for me. I can go to more strenuous classes later or bump my own up a notch in the afternoon, if I choose; but that lazy, relaxed morning practice makes my entire day better.

  4. Hi Jenclair, just popping in to say hello. I love your circular embroidery. So sweet.

  5. Rian - Thanks! Glad to see you are back home!


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