Sunday, August 23, 2009

Embroidery, My Tranquilizer

I've returned to this piece, enlarging the circle. The process is relaxing, and I just improvise as I go.

While in Austin, I had everyone in our class sign a sheet of paper and draw a stick figure of one of their poses. I've had to enlarge some of the signatures to be able to embroider them, and now I'm just working through the list. I'm not sure exactly what will be next after finishing the names and stick figures, but hopefully, it will turn out well and be a sort of souvenir of our class for Sadani, our teacher.

Camille - prasarita padottanasana; Elisha - vimanasana; Isabelle - jathara paravritti. Each person wrote the name of the asana next to their stick figure, but I'm not sure I'll try embroidering all the sanskrit names....

Bryce Eleanor loves her yoga mat; I'm hoping for some little yogis and yoginis among my grandchildren. Have encouraged Erin to look for a children's teacher in Baton Rouge, but Mila will have to decide where her interests lie (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).
Amelia, Brcye Eleanor, and Bryce Eleanor's favorite toy, her box of alphabet books.


  1. The circle embroidery´s lovely... - one can imagine your needle strolling along on it (clockwise...?)

  2. The embroidery is very cheerful and makes me smile. The embroidery yoga project is very groovy! Has your yoga interest worked itself into other textile projects?

  3. Everything influences us, doesn't it?! Love your circle embroidery too.

  4. Jen that embroidery is beautiful, very inspirational too;) Yikes good thing you did go gather calm in Austin because it sounds like things are a little crazy. That little one is adorable, she'll be the cutest little yogi.

  5. Lovely a mantra...very peaceful.

  6. ger - Thanks! Sometimes clockwise, but sometimes back into the middle and then a reversal. A random approach!

    Karoda - :) It does cheer me when I work on it -- both the bright colors and the soothing process! So far the signatures are the only yoga related project, but I do have an idea for something else later. When I "get a round tuit."

    Debra - Yes! I love seeing your interests take textile form.

    Cowgirl Goods - :) Thanks, Marj! Good thing I accumulated some good prana to help deal with coming back to normal life!

    Bryce Eleanor, Mila, and Max - my (hopefully) yoga and tai chi enthusiasts for the future!

    Art4Sol - Thanks, I link the idea of it being a kind of mantra with the fingers...yes!

  7. That embroidery piece is just gorgeous!


  8. Rima - Thanks! It has been a relaxing piece to work on.


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