Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well, I guess I wasn't really back when I posted that last entry.

At night, I've been playing with embroidery on some of my old tee shirts.

This little flower (?) is in the middle of the back.During the day, when it hasn't rained (and we've had a lot of rain lately), I play in the garden. Fee and I took several pictures one evening when we noticed how the Queen Anne's Lace was glowing in the dusk...The wild roses, verbena bonarensis, and in the background mock orange vines (which have gotten way out of hand).Lots of yoga lately. I've attended classes at another studio; Karin teaches Iyengar and Marcia teaches Hatha and Viniyoga. Getting a taste of different styles is fun, and I've enjoyed both teachers very much. I was only able to attend 2 of Karin's classes because she is teaching Iyengar Yoga in New Orleans, then Malaysia, then India, then Brazil from now until sometime in August and won't be conducting classes again in Shreveport until September.

I'll continue to attend Marcia's classes, however. I love the concentration of movement with the breath.

This summer, I'll be attending a Hatha Yoga Intensive at Yoga, Yoga in Austin, TX for a month! This is where Marcia received her certification, and she was so enthusiastic about the school that I finally followed through with my desire to go deeper in my yoga study and registered for the Intensive. This is very exciting for me; I'm still amazed that I've made the commitment.


  1. I love the t-shirt embroidery.

  2. Nice pictures!
    I like the embroidery on your t-shirt.

  3. Gerrie - Thanks! I love doing this when watching television.

    Francoise - I'm just moving from on old tee to the next. I wear these old ones when working in the garden, and I am covering stains with the embroidery. :)

  4. Oh! Beautiful flowers... you know my love of Q. Anne's Lace..=-)
    I am having a hard time finding a yoga class that I like...I just gave up on one that was in such a bad venue that it was counter-productive. Now with NY coming up I guess I will have to content myself with walking and maybe find something there for the summer...Love those shirts! =-)

  5. That t-shirt embroidery is beautiful, and very inspiring. I don't know if I can do such beautiful shapes as you, but I shall give it a go.

  6. Debbie - Queen Anne's Lace is one of the great privileges of Spring, isn't it?

    Sorry you've had a difficult time finding a good yoga class. I've been lucky--my night classes are at the WK Wellness Center, only 5 minutes away. I think you'll be happier walking in your NY village than in class, though.

    Julie - Embroidering the tee shirts is a great way to experiment. All my other experiments are on little pieces of scrap cloth, and I can never think what to do with them. I can settle into a Netflix movie so contentedly with a little hand work!


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