Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning

I found this free pattern on Andrea Zuill's blog; wish I'd thought the colors out a bit better, but I really enjoyed working on this little fellow. I finished him about 3 weeks ago and still haven't decided what to do with him, but he definitely looks like something Max would like.Andrea has other free embroidery patterns and some wonderful little bird prints. Check out her Bad Bird Etsy shop-- I love her fat birds, brimming with personality.

Daylilies! So big, so bright, so easy! I keep dividing them, and they keep needing to be divided...

A little Cat & Mouse (er, Rat) -- opposites attract:


  1. Seeing your photos reminds me my daylilies are also in need. They are full this year and I didn't get to them when it would have been easier.

  2. I love your little hobby horse cowboy! And the moment I saw him on my side bar blog linkage...I thought...'that looks like a Max!'

  3. I love day lilies...they are so forgiving! They are a huge portion of my garden in NY because I am not the most attendant gardener living way out here most of the time...I can't wait to get my hands dirty! =-)

  4. Connie - They are tough to divide! This year, I swear, I will divide all of them in September (when I'm supposed to)!

    Michele - :) Andrea has several cute patterns, but I fell in love with this little cowboy. Definitely Max, but a ponytail would make a great option for a little girl.

    Debby - Day lilies and Queen Anne's Lace...they make your heart sing! With almost no trouble at all!


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