Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bright Spots

I put this design board over my cutting table. It is a little difficult to get to, so I put some cheerful pieces on it just to brighten things up. Slowly, but surely, the room is coming together.

The little pennant in the middle of the top row is from Marie of ZQuilts, who sent me a wonderful bunch of gifts in the mail last year, the rest of the are some of my small pieces.

I didn't notice the shadow when I took the picture from the door to the hall. The larger, messier, more frequently used design board is behind the door--easy to access.

A little embroidery that I played with last night.
I read about the Orbital Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener over at Ginny's Quilts. What a great gadget! Do any of you have one? I have saved a bunch of blades, and I plan to get one of these gadgets to sharpen them up.

Frugal Fridays:

Paula, the Quilter has been busy with her Frugal/Creative Friday sewing and has busted 6 yards of polar fleece. Love the project of dog beds for her local no kill animal shelter.

And Michele of With Heart and Hands made a Frugal Friday Finish of 4 UFOs.

Finn has also been busy on Frugal Fridays (I think she is the originator); I especially like the Frugal Exchange.

And remember when I posted about The Orphan Trains documentary? Michele pointed me to Finn's other blog (Riding the Orphan Train) about her Orphan Train Quilts.

I'll be checking in with the Frugal Friday bunch Frequently.


  1. I like your little swirly embroidery. Isn't it fun when things just "come out of you." I do have a sharpener, it's not fancy like the orbital--it's a manual one, but I think it works pretty good.

  2. Your design wall looks wonderful. I particularly like the black and white piece and the ABC one.

  3. rian - I love playing with embroidery while watching television! I definitely need a sharpener of some sort--such a waste not to be able to re-use those blades.

    Kay - Thanks! I'm fond of black/white/brights!

  4. it seems to me your embroidery doodles are gaining a palpable sense of confidence.

  5. Your design board is wonderful - just the right 'gallery' to keep you motivated in finishing the organization of your sewing room.

  6. ACey - I don't know about confidence, but I find the repetition relaxing. That repetitive hand motion (maybe why I repeat stitches over and over) soothes and comforts. Maybe someday, I'll be able to employ the process the way you do, as means of "thinking through," but usually I'm watching the boob tube when I do hand work. :P

    Kim - Thanks! I like having some of my cheerful pieces to encourage me. The other board has WIP's, some that have been in progress for quite a while!

  7. the zen zone of sewing...I keep thinking about having an ongoing hand quilting project to get to those moments...

    the design wall is loaded with good stuff!

  8. Karoda - I keep thinking about keeping hand quilting projects and binding projects for those moments, too. Don't always have them, though, and resort to embroidery pieces that just keep my hands busy.

  9. What beautiful designs and colors on your wall. I also love the quilt you found that needed to be finished. It is great!

  10. Phyllis - Thanks! Funny what you can find when cleaning and organizing... :p


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