Friday, February 20, 2009

Problems and Packages :)

Have been MIA lately. Not entirely missing, but certainly away from the computer. I started working on a baby quilt using a cute cowboy applique pattern as a way to hopefully get myself back in the sewing/quilting zone. It began as an experiment to see how one of the blocks would work out, then I decided to put the single block into a small quilt.

Unfortunately, I decided not to follow the complete directions for the block, which was a mistake. It doesn't bother me too much as I 1) learned to be a bit more thoughtful when deciding to skip a step, 2) was using scraps and small pieces from my stash, and 3) didn't originally plan anything more than a practice block. It can be salvaged is my favorite mantra.

Things were going along gang-busters and then new problems cropped up. What to use for backing fabric? And what the heck happened to my huge roll of batting? Where was that large queen size roll? I have lots of nice size pieces, but none quite large enough for this; I know I have a queen size roll somewhere! Ah, well...maybe not.

So yesterday, in addition to my other errands, I added a visit to JoAnn's. Surprise, JoAnn's had no Warm & Natural in prepackaged rolls. In fact, no cotton batting in their usual packages. On to Hancock's. Again, no Warm & Natural and no Hobb's. What gives?

(And the waiting! Both JoAnn's and Hancock's had only two people in the store, and one in each store, didn't appear even when called. Women lining up to get fabric cut. Women in line to check out. The lines grow. No help appears until people begin contemplating leaving their purchases and the store.)

Hancock's did have one brand of cotton batting (their brand - Sew Perfect), so I bought a queen size package of that. I've never used this brand before. Have any of you?

Good Mail! After a long period of trying to use my stash and my scraps, I made a couple of online purchases last week, and yesterday the first package arrived. Now that was a pleasant surprise!

The 1/2 yard cuts below came from Pink Chalk Fabrics.
Some Katie Jump Rope Posies, Midwest Modern Garden Maze, and Henry Alexander's Yen Rose Red, Mod Dot Red, Jewel Mobile Aqua, and Tillbrook Toadstool Green. I love them! Bright and cheerful!

My errands and visits yesterday took most of the morning, and after a break for lunch, most of the afternoon; but I got them all done, including the shower gift for Saturday and the paper to wrap it in. I often assume I have enough appropriate paper and then have to go back later because it came up a little short. This time, I bought 2 rolls of paper, cute ribbon, and the card, so the wrapping will cause no problems.

Latest documentary: A Century of Quilts: A Century in Cloth. I had seen a portion of this PBS special some time back, so it was a pleasure to see the entire film. My only complaint: not long enough.


  1. Don't you think the lack of stock and the lack of staff are both results of the economic slowdown? Stores will keep less inventory and probably there is less being manufactured as well.

    Have you tried piecing batting? It works fine. Just trim even, butt the edges and zig zag.

  2. Kay - Yes, that is exactly what I think. Funny how many ways the slow down in the economy continues to effect us. One of the things that worried me is that one of my favorite clerks wasn't there. It could have just been her day off, but....

    I have pieced batting before, but I use those smaller batting pieces for so many smaller projects and they usually find a use. Not that this quilt is going to be very big!

  3. I am totally frustrated with all the local fabric stores around me.

  4. oh no they are not allowing me to comment again! Will have to find that documentary as J. Shannon and Faith Ringgold are two of my long time faves.

  5. I love those mod dots, I might have to get some for the birthday bunting I'm planning on.

    Our Hancocks is HORRIBLE for not having enough staff. You definitely have to plan to stand in line.

  6. i use pieced batting too or sometimes just fabric or none at all. staff? none here anywhere. cutting overhead.
    i laughed at the video not being long enough. slow cloth and slow documentary. we need both.

  7. Debra - Around here, I usually prefer JoAnn's for service, but that may no longer be the case--especially if my favorite clerks aren't there. We only have one "real" quilt store left in this area, and it was my first stop (it was on the way). I picked up some thread, but planned to use my coupon at JoAnn's for batting, so I didn't even look there.

    ACey - :/ We are both having commenting troubles lately! There just isn't enough in any of the interviews! I wanted them to go on talking and showing their quilts. And I loved the information on the depression-era quilters.

    Lisa - That shade of red will look great in bunting!

    I usually avoid Hancock's for that very reason.

    jude - Using cloth as batting would make a great light-weight summer quilt!

    :) I agree. Slow cloth and slow documentary! I would love to see several documentaries on quilting, and not just focusing on modern art quilts, but on quilts from earlier eras, traditional and modern quilts, quilt symbolism and cultural meanings, communities where people still have the big frames and quilting bees, information about old quilts (and quilt patterns)and their family significance, more on the quilters themselves.

    Trying to put a century of quilts into such a short documentary just leaves you wanting more!

  8. Urgh! Bad customer service is the pits.

    I love quilts and can't wait to see your finished product!

  9. I've done nothing on it for days! Hope to get in the studio today... :0


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