Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Back to playing with this practice piece. The silk threads are just not fun to work with; they catch on everything. It would be better to practice with regular DMC floss.Finished these buttons. I haven't wet them to remove the blue from the water soluble pen yet.
I have a list of so many projects that I want to try, but I'm not quite motivated enough to begin anything larger than a button. Maybe a few postcards (4x6 or 5x7) will get me back in the mood and lead to the impetus to begin something larger. Button to postcard to doll quilt to ... :) Ever hopeful!

How in the world does Debra get everything done?


  1. starting small and building up sounds like a fine plan!

  2. I don't like working with silk either, my hands are much too rough to cooperate. But I am trying to use my stash up by combining it with cotton floss.
    The buttons are sweet.

  3. That embroidery just tickles me!!

  4. I think she doesn't eat or sleep =-) I LOVE your embroidery and the buttons!!

  5. Paula - Right now it's the only plan! The sudden disassociation from actually "making" is uncomfortable.

    Art4Sol - Love the way the silk looks, but it is hard to handle. Combining with cotton is a great idea!

    Gerrie - Thanks!

    Debby - Debra produces so much that I do wonder if she eats or sleeps!

  6. your embroidered buttons are so adorable! I would love to make some of these one day.

  7. Believe me, I do eat and I do sleep. It's all about organization and motivation.

    My motto this year is Be Generous Now! and I have been holding onto fabric that needs to go out into the world and do its job of benefitting others. I am just the vehicle to get it there.

  8. I love the colorful running stitches you do! They are so lively!

    And those buttons are really cute.

  9. yummy yummy embroidery...those buttons on a quilt would be fun to spot!

  10. these are great! Bet you had fun making them!

  11. Rebekah - Mine are not really very good, but I've seen some that are wonderful!

    Debra - Organized? Ohhhh.....

    rian - Thanks! They keep me occupied when watching television.

    Karoday - I like the ideas of including the buttons on a quilt!

    Linda - They are fun to make. I'm big on enjoying the process!

  12. Hi Jenclair. I see your thought provoking comments on Acey and Jude's blogs and came to visit. I love your little stitching projects here, particularly these button covers. They are darling. I am teaching myself stitching and made the wrong turn to silk thread early on. It's so pretty but a bear to work with. Lovely, love work. I'll be back to visit again.

  13. Clevelandgirlie - Thanks! I really appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment. I love the way the silk floss looks, but "a bear to work with" is a perfect description.


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