Monday, January 26, 2009

Time Flies

My goodness, I haven't posted in a week! Funny how sometimes the computer is part of your every day routine, and then an unintentional hiatus steps in.On the creative front, nothing tangible, other than playing with thread drawing. I have, however, been reading and thinking about several things as I actively (& creatively?) pursue my goal of a Renaissance Mind, and I have created some Reading Trails for some of those goals. Reading Trails is a great way to track your reading.

We've been having some work done on the house. Right now, it is all outside -- replacing facia boards, work on chimney, new roof, gutters, etc. This means men hammering all around the house and above my head. They aren't here today because they are ready to pull off all of the old shingles, and rain is expected for the next several days. Sweet silence.

Took Mac to the vet last Monday to have a odd-looking growth removed. The biopsy came back malignant, but Dr. C. says they got it all. Yet...he wants to x-ray his lungs and do some blood work. This has been a major concern, but I took Mac back in this morning and will keep up my hopes for the best.

I had been reading Marley & Me, but on Thursday, with very few pages to go, I had to put it away. Too close for comfort.

Today, I'm going to be in the studio, trying to get in the "flow."


  1. love the thread drawing...very solemn and serious in their expression.

  2. I did the same thing with Marley and Me...and I have no desire to see the movie...Been there, done that, far too painful, don't need to read about it...=-/

    I love your thread play...=-)

  3. Your thread sketches are wonderful. And they look like fun to do, always a bonus.

  4. Love the little red stitching - such serious faces. Didn't even attempt Marley and Me as we had to put our German Shepard down a few years ago - but from sadness comes joy and we now have Toby and Gizmo.
    Love the reading trails widget. I'm going to indulge myself with it. Great tool.
    Hugs and the very best wishes for Mac.

  5. Hoping Mac is in fact okay now. Also workmen making a racket everywhere - pretty much my least favorite thing in the world. Can't seem to find a true flow of my own and have started to feel frustrated by that.

  6. Paula - Mac has a gall stone! Medication will hopefully take care of the infection, but we may have to have the stone removed. Much better than I feared.

    Karoda -Thanks. I need to learn to move up, instead of down when leaving the mouth!

    Debby - Now that Mac's diagnosis isn't so bad, I may finish Marley & Me...or not.

    rian - Thanks! They are kind of fun, but I don't know how to get a particular effect. Just playing and practicing right now.

    Cleveland Girlie - I'm not even planning on seeing the movie now. Animals are such a tender spot, aren't they? Glad to know Toby and Gizmo have provided joy!

    ACey - Mac is doing much better . Next check up is Monday. Fingers crossed.

  7. I've been enjoying my 20 minute pursuits. It feels like I'm doing more (although I have less to show for it) and loving it.

    Reading Trails looks interesting - if only I could package ALL my computer time in a 20 minute block.

  8. I'm enjoying the 20 minute approach, too. Although...the 20 minutes often expands because I lose track of time. :)


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