Sunday, January 04, 2009

Off to the Movies Day

OK - Creative Every Day Challenge -- as usual, I'm making my own rules, and I've decided that going to see The Reader at the Robinson Film Center counts as creatively appreciating creativity.

I'm not sure if I'm excited or apprehensive about seeing it. Read the book when it was first published, and it definitely made an impact, but any book that deals with Nazi Germany is inherently stressful. The movie version may be even more so. Love Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes and being nominated for four Golden Globes must mean something. You can watch the trailer here, but I'm not going to. I'll wait.

Jan. 4 - A Year of Living Your Yoga: "Laugh More.... Children laugh dozens of times a day. Laughing decreases blood pressure and relieves tension. Find something funny in your life today and laugh at it. Better yet, find something about yourself to laugh at."

(When I commented on Kim's blog this morning, the word verification was "crock." I laughed at that because I lot of what I write and say is a crock, and I felt like I'd been found out by the w.v. robot!)


  1. Like you I love the actors in this film, but I'm not sure I'll see it. I don't like "dark" too much any more, although I did finally watch American Beauty and liked it very much. I'll be interested in your review of The Reader.

  2. Wes and I watched Marley and Me the other night at the movie theater. I highly recommend it! Jennifer and Owen are made for each other.

  3. Kay - Aaack! Didn't get there; movie date has been postponed. I thought the book intense and still remember parts vividly. It made me think. I expect the movie will be very good, but I don't expect to "enjoy" it.

    Debra - I want to see Marley and Me! I'm so glad you liked it. It seems like a movie that would make you smile when you think back about it.

  4. Not previously knowing of the book and/or movie of The Reader, I am interested now, having read your post.

  5. Connie - A change of plans postponed the movie. We are planning to go later, hopefully, Tues. night.

  6. I had to make a dictionary run after I read your w.v. comment and discovered crock also is an old ewe.

    I wonder if Blogger's using a new program to generate the w.v? (as I sign out with "orgman")

  7. Kim - Well, I never! You get Orgman and I get an old ewe!

    The most unusual one so far was "magog"--which one can hardly read without seeing "Gog and Magog." So bibilical! And yet, recently I've had a string of words like - "repent," "crock," and "magog." Has word verification "set its face against me"??


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