Tuesday, January 06, 2009

before and after

Jude made the comment that she often turns things into ceremonies. Another way to mentally and emotionally change things from chores to activities to which one can enjoy. What a difference in connotation there.

Taking her suggestion to heart, I lit some incense and put on some music and took everything off the board.
And chose a few things that had meaning to me: symbols with personal meaning, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren.My daily CED challenge became even more pleasurable, and I'm pleased with the result.

Here is a link to a most unusual and clever version of a bulletin board! I'm now considering dressing mine and decorating in a similar manner!


  1. What a great idea. I took a teleclass Sunday night on the use of ritual and SoulCollage. The steps in the "ceremony" helps to set the stage and create a sacred space.

  2. My board, which is on the back of my sewing room door, looks like your before pic. This weekend, I am following your lead and redoing it. Thanks for the incentive.

  3. I do like the dress form, clever!

  4. Kathryn - Sounds like a great class; love the emphasis on ceremony!

    Paula - I'll be checking to see your revised board!

    Kim - My dress form is a place for shawls and mufflers. Hers is a place for highlighting treasures!


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