Friday, December 05, 2008

Progress and Links

Yesterday, I got quite a bit accomplished--finally finished the little quilt. Chose a backing fabric and quilted it. Then made and applied binding.

Pressed it out.Turned it over and using the pin method, steam pressed the binding down on the back. I really don't like the backing material much, but was determined to use up more fabric from the stash.
Applied clips and it was ready for the hand sewing which I finished last night.Frustrated this morning because I can't find my square buttons to put my little embroideries on! I'm sure they will turn up, but since I'm enjoying these little embroideries, purchasing some more might be a good idea.

On the subject of embroidery, here is a new blog--Embloggery--that intends to post using embroidery. What a fun, but demanding, idea!

The next blog I visited this morning was Paula's The Beauty of Life and there was a wonderful crazy quilt of vintage embroideries, many created by her grandmother. Paula was not happy with it, but I love it! Don't you?


  1. Your banner is lovely!! The colors of your blog post were a lovely sight this am.

  2. shucks. thanks xx. and thanks for the link to embloggery - what madness!

    i like this little quilt. inspired choice on the binding.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you finished this one, I loved it when you posted it before =-)

  4. I think it's very pretty! :-)

  5. I always get a kick out of your special way with combining black/white prints with super bright colors. I pretty much like that backing fabric but maybe it's a grass is greener thing because it's not from my own stash. LOVE that embroidery blog. Gosh I am tempted to try something similar.

  6. Adorable! Love everything about it!

  7. I love the fun looking quilt...the backing fabric is working for me! So whats next? :)

  8. Gerrie - I'm not so good at banners! I see all the beautiful ones elsewhere, so I tried again!

    Paula- Well, I love your quilt! Isn't embloggery a hoot?

    Debby- I had such a good time with the embroidery and then stalled! Glad to have it completed.

    Marie- Thanks!

    ACey - You could probably do a daily embroidered post!

    I know I couldn't!

    rian - Thanks!

    Karoda- Next? I have a long list, but keep changing my mind!

    Debra - Thanks. I am so glad to mark it off the to do list!

  9. sweet!!

    oh, thanks for the tips too on using hair clips to secure the binding when it's time to hand sew the binding. I hate when I jab myself on a pin!

  10. kimy - I use the straight pins when steam pressing the binding, and then use the clips. The clips work great! So much better than pinning!


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