Sunday, December 07, 2008

Monday, Again!


Love this soft, soft backing.I remembered to include my little tag! Which doesn't always happen.

Added some fringey yarn. No sun today, so the pics are a little dark.Went to JoAnn's yesterday looking for square buttons, but there were none to be found. Went ahead and purchased some round ones, which I don't like as well.

When I got home I had an email from Linda in Texas who wanted to know where I found the square ones. Hmmmm! Frustrated at my failed attempt to re-stock, I made a lengthy, and initially disappointing, online search. Eventually, found some which I may as well go ahead and order.

Linda is not yet a blogger, but I hope she will become one as I want to see some of her art quilts!

Last night, as I watched the PBS special Celtic Woman, I used my trusty water-soluble pen and made a start on a new set of buttons. Why? I'm not sure, as I have no plans for them. They are just fun to do, and I'm trying to decide on a purpose for them.
Actually, this sort of thing is another one of those displacement activities. Some of the projects I have in mind require a little thought, and I'm not in the mood to think much!

What are you working on?


  1. I love this bee pillow. So cute!

  2. Congratulations on a great finish - your pillow is adorable. My WIPs usually becomes UFOs when I put them away - for company, or because I want to work on another (new) project and want the old stuff out of the way. I am working hard on getting those to dwindle away. Right now I finish about 70% of all my projects - working on upping that number, hopefully to 100%.

  3. Gerrie - :) It is for baby Bryce who will probably have it looking pretty worn in no time!

    Francoise - Thanks! It was my first experience with silk thread and the colors were so luscious that I couldn't quit playing.

    Shasta - I debated about whether to frame it or do the pillow, but I love that soft backing so much, I'm glad the pillow won.

    Company interferes with my commitment, too! If I'm separated from the project for very long, I find getting back to it difficult. New projects are also a problem, because I'm afraid I'll forget what I'm planning if I don't dig in.

    Good for you for being 70% through! Quite an achievement already!

  4. Well, I'm not working on anything as cute as that pillow. How adorable.

  5. the pillow is lovely and i think the little buttons are just gorgeous - how long does that pen last - i always found it faded - but perhaps that has something to do with the humidity here - or are you a very quick stitcher?

  6. Ohmygosh musthavethat pillow!!!!! Absolutely adorable!!
    What am I working on...Christmas cards...I need to go to Michael's or somewhere and find a little stamp for embellishing the envelopes...I'm ready to print the actual cards, just need to make myself do it...

    I love your buttons...

  7. Your pillow makes me smile.:o) What to do with the buttons? - you can never have too many buttons!

  8. What a delightful project...and so well done. Love your tag as well. You do great work!

  9. i love your whimsical embroideries! i'm finishing some flower girl dresses (a job) so i can't wait to start some christmas projects (a little late!). thanks for sharing the link to the buttons-more unique

  10. Kay - just baking and using your pizza cutter like a rotary cutter, huh? :)

    Paula H - I have two water soluble pens. One says "disappearing" and has a purple ink. I have little use for it because it disappears so fast -- I never use water because it vanishes. The other one lasts until you apply water to it.

    Debby - I love the personal touch and will be over to check out your progress. You are posting pictures, right?

    Myra - The buttons can join the Dorset buttons which await a use. :) Fun to make, but not always a way to use them! You are right, you can never have too many buttons!

    averyclaire - Thanks! I ordered the tags about a year ago and forget to use them about half the time.

    suesueb - Hope you'll share the pictures of yur flower girl dresses! Love the pics from your plays of Christmas past!

  11. that's the cutest pillow I have seen in a very long time!

  12. I'm in the middle of a thousand projects...or so it seems. I just finished the most mind-numbing boring 'repair' project - one I volunteered to do for a friend 3 years ago or was it 4?....I resolved to have it done by the end of this year - started it a week ago sunday and finished it sunday.

    started a new (creative) quilt for a baby due in jan, Ihave all the various gift projects underway...pillows, totes, wallets, collages, photos....

    okay I better get back to the studio and those thousand projects (it just seems like a thousand)

  13. What a cute pillow! My girls would love a pillow like this.

  14. Cuteness indeed! I like how the green fringey yarn adds to the motion - she's just flying along on her wheelie feet!

  15. Debra - Thanks! I saw a toy advertised and used it for inspiration!

    kimy - Oh, a repair job. How easy that would be to forget! Can't wait to see all of your projects -- especially that baby quilt!

    Shelly - Thanks! It was really easy, if a bit time-consuming on the embroidery part. Since I love the process, I looked forward to it.

  16. Kim - I love those little wheelie feet! The fringe was just the right color, and I had it out to work with something else when I realized it.


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