Saturday, November 08, 2008

In Progress...

The stuffing needs a little work, eh? But I think it will be fine on the bed in the cabin with the other strange bird pillow. Awfully red, isn't it?

Mila drew a pictue of Mojo (Boston Terrier), and Erin had it on the refrigerator. I traced it and just embroidered it with a stem stitch. I'm thinking of a log cabin block, but don't know where it will go from there. Mojo's other leg (there were only 3) and his tail are covered with the black & white strip I've pinned on.


  1. Jenclair, Hi I have stopped by your blog a few times and found I like it!!! So I have it listed on my blog list on my blog. I like your birds. They remind me of something but I havn't quite hit on what it is yet. Sew on. TTFN Wanda

  2. I love the whimsy of this piece. And the colors are delightful. Mila's drawing is ideal for your next piece. It could be the centerpiece of a small pillow.

  3. what a terrific idea about tracing mila's picture. I have to remember that for some of the kids' artwork. and let my friend who is a big embroiderer know as she's got some talented grands herself!

    the top pillow is so sweet!

  4. No such thing as 'awfully red' - it's a perfect complement to Strange Garden!

    So, do I have the date right? I hope you have a wonderful day...
    Felicem Natalem Diem!
    Now, the challenge is to celebrate every day for a year.

  5. i really like the strange birds cushion - and i think the red complements it nicely.

    and i love the stitched sketch of the dog. i wish my kids drew such cute things.

  6. The Strange Garden is wonderful, and usually the only time I like red is Christmas.
    Kids art work takes on a whole new dimension when it is presented like grown ups art work, something I should do with some of my now grown up kids work which I still have around.

  7. Wanda - Hi! Thanks for stopping by and especially for the nice comment!

    rian - Thanks, rian, it would make a nice little pillow...that may be what little Mojo turns into. I've been kind of partial to pillows since making the one for Max.

    kimy - :) It is fun to take something they've drawn and make it a little more permanent!

    Kim - Oh! I'm so amazed that you remembered! It was a wonderful birthday weekend, and I have some pictures to post, but have been on the run most of the day. :) I did tell my daughters that I was planning to celebrate every day! Just to prepare them...!

    Paula - Thanks! I really enjoyed embroidering a little at a time on the strange birds and flowers. I like the simplicity of embroidering children's drawings and this one really does look like Mojo. You know, sort of...

    virtualquilter - Wouldn't your grown children be surprised to see their drawings in thread? I think that is a wonderful idea! In fact, I may look through some of the girls' things for some of the drawings, Christmas cards, etc. that I saved.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love my header, it is a picture of the Eden rose that grows in my back yard. Too me it is one of the most beautiful of the old style roses. I took the picture this summer. Sew on.TTFN

  9. Both pillows are beautiful. So cheerful...

  10. Wanda - Thanks for the name of the rose. It is just lovely!

    Darlene - Thanks! I have so many bright scraps and love to use them.


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