Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend Review

Made myself some more spinach and lentil soup and froze lots of little bags for lots of lunches throughout the fall! I've worked on the recipe a little and will organize my combined version of 2 recipes so next time I won't have to think as much.

Also made a batch of Louisiana Hayride Bean Soup for Amelia, who loves it. Lots and lots of sausage went into this batch.

From TipNut, a Recipe Hit List of 12 pasta dishes. I do love pasta and will give some of these a try.

Thought I'd published this on Friday. Hmmm.

Back down to the country and work this weekend. I had more fun digging and lifting and moving dirt and leveling uneven areas with this! I spent hours playing on the little tractor, learning to work the bucket and getting unbelievably dusty.
Bryce was stylin' after lunch, some of which is still on her face!
Amelia and cousin Katie are quite a pair. When Katie was at the office this summer, the two of them would sneak off to showings at the Robinson Film Center. Now Amelia has no partner in crime.

Marty is explains. Robin pretends to listen. Fee is walking bad boy Mac in the background.

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