Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Tales

Came down to Baton Rouge on Sunday. We were at the surgery center by 6:30 Monday morning for Erin's tonsillectomy. All went well, and we were home by noon. Fee did the grocery shopping before he headed back to Shreveport.

Erin has been doing very well considering all the horror stories I read on the web about adult tonsillectomy. We love hydracodone!

Right now I'm doing laundry and playing with these...Sunday afternoon, Mila and I took a walk and gathered fall items for her to take to her kindergarten class for their fall wreath.

When we got to Mame's (pronounced MOM), Mila had to stop in and say hello. Then we gathered these lovely seed pods from one of their trees. Mila and Max are staying with their dad while Erin recovers.

Erin can't talk much and has slept a lot, so I'm prepared with some reading material.


  1. Beautiful pictures today. The seed pods, the thread, even the book covers are a real feast for the eye.

  2. Cool seed pods and those thread colors just jump off the page!

  3. I've been through the tonsilectomy as an adult and it is painful and takes a good while to begin to feel close to normal. Hope Erin recovers quickly and with little pain. Love these seed pods. What would our world be without all the colors we enjoy.

  4. Kay - Thanks! Those seed pods are so colorful--I really like them.

    Rian - I don't know what kind of tree the seed pods came from. I should have asked Mame while I had a chance.

    Kim - Erin has done well, and I am so relieved. This is a wonderful time of the year for color, isn't it?

  5. glad the surgery went well...

    very cool pods!


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