Thursday, August 21, 2008

This and That

Shoot, I intended to delete the first draft of this post and deleted the post I had finished instead. Now, I'm reconstructing.

The binding went on last night.
All stitched down now.

Finished? No, I was dissatisfied with the back - too bland.

So I added some fused raw-edge stars that need some blanket stitching.
Then will it be finished?


Unless... I decide to add some text, a quote, a nursery rhyme. That, however, will depend on whether or not I'm tired of it by the time I get all the stars done.

All these little scrap pieces are working on me. I'm thinking of a way to turn the tables and work on them instead. There are lots of scraps left from the front as well.
Before Prozac, there was quilting. (via A Prairie Home Quilts)


  1. It's wonderful! Love the all over stipple and the star on the back.

  2. looking good. love the green binding - it frames the quilt so nicely.

  3. me, again. back to say that one of my most prized possessions is the doll quilt my grandmother made me.

  4. Kim - finished the stars last night...debating the text. :) May be too much trouble.

    jeanne - I didn't have enough of the red for the binding, but the green probably works better anyway.

    Yes, that ole' grandmother association is the reason I wanted to make a doll quilt!


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