Monday, August 04, 2008

Hot Enough, Already

Sunday was 104 degrees here with the heat index at 107. I believe in global warming. The worst part is that we have had no measurable rainfall this summer. Not in my garden, anyway. Any showers that have occurred have missed us. My garden is burned almost to a crisp...

I have finished
all the errands and actually got Mila's little outfit in the mail. Sometimes...I ...procrastinate. Hate going to the P.O. and when I did get there, the line was all the way to the door and only one window open, although someone was lounging in the last window.

I love the ruffled top, and the pattern was quick and easy. (Butterick B5009) It all went together quickly once I had a little time.
:) There's my label. Decided against the cute rick rack trim; it was a bit too orange.

I've also made a pattern for my next project. Amelia asked for a copy of a dress she bought for Bryce. It is a very simple style, so maybe it will be simple to make.


  1. This is so cute. I would like one in black or brown linen, please!! :)

  2. Gerrie - Don't have enough brown linen left, but need to get some more! Black would be more sophisticated, of course.

  3. jude - Sweltering. All energy evaporates in this weather.


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