Monday, August 25, 2008

Borders, I Need

Strips for more colorful borders. The pieces left over from other projects have no length left to them and the next border for the strange creature embroidery will need to be longer.

Nothing much in the sewing department this weekend or today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get something accomplished. I've received some great suggestions for those small projects I don't know what to do with and have a project I want to begin.

This entire morning was taken up with waiting rooms. First my dental appointment: good check-up and now my teeth do feel so nice and clean!

Then to the doctor's office for this month's blood work. It was an hour before I moved from the front waiting room to the back waiting room, which is unusual for this time of year (providentially, I brought a book to read), but then it was quick and easy. The lab assistant knows me and chooses the smallest needle for my rolling veins. Hope this time will get my thyroid back in balance. This has been a strange summer with unusual sleep and energy patterns--I blame it all on the difficulty of getting my medication dosage right. This is the third month of lab work, and I'm sure that this will be the last.



  1. I can relate to the medication thing. Am on thyroid drugs for the opposite problem (hyper/Graves disease) and my dosage was just cut in half. Am struggling to adjust and not really doing too well with it yet. Today I missed a physical therapy appointment that I *thought* was scheduled for tomorrow :(

  2. ACey - Mine worked so well until this spring. The dosages are evidently extremely tricky. Hope your situation improves!

  3. i hope thyroids/levels improve for both of you.

  4. I am now beginning to think that my hormones (I'm on HRT) are playing a part in my migraines. I love to get my teeth cleaned. I would go every month if insurance would pay for it.

  5. jeanne - :) Thanks!

    rian - Migraines must be truly awful. Have you tried bio-feedback? I knew someone whose young son had migraines and learned to anticipate and lessen them by realizing that his hands got cold before an attack. He could then work on warming his hands mentally; it worked for him.


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