Thursday, August 14, 2008

Accordion Book Birthday Card

The last two days have been spent going through stuff at Laddie's house. Such a slow and difficult process as things keep popping up - my mother's birth certificate, letters from England right after the war, more pictures. You try not to stop and look and read everything, but it is really hard not to.

Here is a little accordion book I made for Laddie several years ago that turned up in all of the cards from kids and grandkids. (Candace, I tried to get these to enlarge when I click on them and may have solved that problem. Your comment made me look into the situation.)
I made copies of pictures taken shortly after the war...
The last one is Mother, pregnant with me, at Refugio Bay in Texas, 1948.


  1. Oh, Jen, I know what you mean about going through "the stuff." It's so hard not to delve right in and get lost in it all...I so love seeing all of your wonderful to have them, and the one of your mother pregnant with you: priceless!

    I'm home from NY for abut a month and then I'll be back there for a few weeks again Sept/Oct. Then it's off on our cruise...I will be happy when I can finally settle in for the winter and get some things done!

    I hope you have had a peaceful and pleasant summer! =-)

  2. That is wonderful. I love the old pictures.

  3. what a gorgeous accordion book. absolutely delightful. i love bookmaking. love handmade books.

  4. Debby - Good to see you back home- for a while at least! Yes, going through these things is a real experience, and it is so easy to become lost in the process. My brothers and I keep interrupting with our discoveries: "Hey! Do you remember this?" Or: "Oh, my gosh! I had no idea they had these! Look!"

    Deborah - Aren't old picture of family and friends a treat? The pictures of my dad and his baseball teams from high school in 1940 are such treasures.

    jeanne - Thanks! I love bookmaking and seeing what others have done, but have never really done anything other than this simple accordion book.

  5. great photos and love the accordion book....


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