Monday, July 28, 2008

Vintage Embroidery & MORE Buttons

I do like coming up with my own embroidery designs by going through my old journals, but vintage designs have such a nostalgic and amusing attraction. Sweet Bee's Vintage Finds has so many choices! She also has links that sent me here and here and...

As one thing almost always leads to another, the silly, sweet, sentimental vintage embroidery designs make me think some more about the vintage buttons (you know the the pink and yellow ones mentioned in an earlier post -- the ones I've been hoarding).

I could combine vintage prints and vintage buttons on little dresses or aprons AND add vintage embroidery designs on the yoke and/or pockets! The Vintage Trifecta!

Something else I want to try (since I'm stuck on buttons) is embroidered buttons. Check out these buttons from the embroidered button swap. Hosted by greetingarts, there are so many cool examples that you'll just have to check them out.

Fioleta of Ordinary Miracles did these awesome buttons for the swap: Aren't these just perfect? I adore the way the birds sit on the wire!

I know, I'm all over the map! Shall refrain from listing all the WIP projects that include things currently in progress and that quilt from last year that still has no binding. Shall also refrain from listing all the items on my "To Do" list in my journal. Because muddling through is only possible if I don't think too much about the overwhelming number of things I want to try...

Just one more thing to make you smile - how about this quilting postcard with a little beef cake found over on Carpe Quiltem's blog!


  1. Love the buttons! I have bags of mother of pearl, brass and glass buttons from my Grandma's button boxes. She used to let us look through them, but not take any! Oh, the torture! But when got arthritis so bad she could no longer sew a button on, she let us go through and take some. So now I have some and I do not want to use them! I take them out every so often and look at them and remember her. I treasure them.

  2. Oooooh! Those yellow buttons are DIVINE! And, honestly, I love the packaging as much as the buttons! ;)

    So glad you've been bitten by the vintage embroidery bug. :)

  3. Moorea - Buttons have always been treasure, haven't they?

    Jane - I know, the designs on old button cards always charm me. And vintage embroidery designs appeal to children...especially the bunnies, kittens, puppies!


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