Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Table Runner & WIP

Table runner complete.

Max's project is underway.
Still working on Bryce's little embroidery.

My email is not working. Wahhh!


  1. Love the colors in the tablerunner and on the table it is striking. Very interesting the little colorful triangles you're stitching...pull back so that I can see more! LOL

  2. rhonda - Thanks! My husband doesn't like the colors, but my daughter said that she likes them.

    Ahhh, the triangles. More on that piece later!

  3. this is so adorable! It looks awesome on your table!

  4. rebekah - Thanks! I like it and like that I used up a bunch of scraps to make it and (the napkins and coasters). The napkins make me feel good about not using paper :)

  5. I love your new table runner. The turquoise reminds me of my mother, as it was her favorite color. It looks beautiful on your table,and in front of all the windows.

  6. Candace - It makes the table looked "dressed" even when not in use. Thanks for the nice comments!


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