Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Link Love

I've been browsing. You know, that time-consuming activity of following one link after another. This is a displacement activity that keeps me from doing the things that need to be done...and provides inspiration.

Interested in making things for children? As a grandmother this appeals to me and would appeal to both of my daughters, I think. Creations pour Enfants, a French blog, has tutorials for making all kinds of items like this and these for little ones. I can't read much of the text as my college French was a long, long time ago, and can only pick out a few nouns and verbs with no idea of tense or syntax; however, the pictures are excellent and the inspiration needs no language ability.

Enchanted Art has everything from quilting to crafts. Lots of good ideas here.

A Quilting Life
creates patchwork, children's quilts, and appliqué quilts.

Little Arty Crafty Crow
makes crafty creatures, has an interest in vintage, and more.

Because I was wondering what to do with my tiny nine patch blocks that I've been making from scraps and because of a memory of a doll quilt that I played with at Mama Mac's (my maiden name is McDowell, so Laddie's parents became Mama and Daddy Mac), I discovered the Doll Quilt Swap. Plenty of room for traditional or art quilt techniques here! I've fallen in love with some of these adorable little quilts which you can check out at their Flickr Pool.

Interested in being economical and saving money? The Centsible Sawyer blog watches sales and shares the bargains she discovers. Here are links to a couple of her posts: Freebies & Coupons, Give Away!!, Hot Tips for Target (75% of toys-- a little early Christmas shopping?), etc. She has her week divided into categories of bargain and offers frugal tips, links to freebies, and coupon deals.

Another blog in the same vein is Be Centsable, where you can find similar information. She also has Menu Plan and Make It Yourself Monday, Family Tip and Frugal Friday, and coupons you can print from the blog.

I'm just sayin' that given the current economic climate, saving a little money here and there can make a big difference. Both of the above blogs are geared to young families with children but provide resources to everyone.

And now, I must really get back to real life and the chores and errands that must be accomplished. Hope you have a little fun with these links...they have provided me with a great deal of fun over the last week!

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