Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Iowa Quilters in Need

I received an email, as many of you may have, from Mishka at the Quilting Gallery, about helping Iowa quilters who have been flooded and have lost everything. She has a link to Gudrun's blog about Quilting Care Packages. I'm going to go through my stash and see what I can put together to send.

This is one of the embroidery pieces I'm working on now. I lifted him from one of my old journals . I used him in several mail art pieces 4-5 years ago -- had him hold the date, an umbrella, etc. He's a silly looking creature and likes bright clothing.


  1. Thank you for this post. I have a bunch of fabric I would love to donate. I have been cogitating what to do with it and now I know!

  2. rian - It is a good way to reduce the stash and feel helpful as well. I've started a box with some fat quarters and lengths of fabric that I can't see myself using and am wondering about including some notions. Needles for sure...

  3. Aww, he's cute. I will go through my fabric to see what I can donate.

  4. thanks for the many folks I have quite a stash...I will put together a care package!

    and what a cute little fellow!

  5. Love the little guy !! Thanks for the heads up, I'm going through my stash right now.
    Amy in Louisiana

  6. violette - Thanks! I finally got my donation in the mail yesterday. There appears to have been a great response.

    kimy - Hard to imagine losing everything. Losing all of your sewing supplies is additional grief since the process of piecing and quilting helps keep us calm and can function almost like meditation.

    Amy - Thanks- the little guy is almost finished now. I have to thank The Quilting Gallery for the heads up!


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