Monday, April 07, 2008


I'm calling the cleaning and organizing done. There are a few things left that I'd like to do, but they are relatively small in comparison. Everything is back in the room that I want back in the room. Some things went into the trash. I'm a compulsive collector, but I'm working on that.

Need to label these little drawers.My Fringe Festival posters. I so love them.Cleared off some of the junk that was cluttering the design wall.Labels should help me locate things, right?Desk area needs some work.Had yoga again tonight. I'm slowly improving. Slowly. But improving. I'm really enjoying the classes and the two different teachers. I can do more than mountain and corpse poses now, you'll be glad to know. I balanced in crow for about 30 seconds tonight and didn't fall on my head even once.

Current reading - The Mindful Woman: gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance, & opening your heart by Sue Patton Thoele. Love the title. I'm reading it slowly and trying to keep precepts in mind. I love this quote at the beginning of the book:

"I'm alternately appalled and amused by just how elusive mindfulness can be, how incredibly easy it is for me to be seduced away from simplicity and focused awareness into multi-multitasking and rampant mind-mucking."

"Multi-multitasking and rampant mind-mucking"!
Boy, do I know those feelings!


  1. Looking GOOD! I see you have a Brian Andreas "story people" picture on your wall. I have his "Quiet Spaces" hanging in my studio. Its sentiment is "we had gone far enough together to listen easily in the quiet spaces". I chose that particular one because it reflects my relationship with a number of people in my life.

  2. Brava! And now the wonderful pieces on the wall show up so well.

  3. Another Andreas fan here also...but your studio reorganization is inspiring...i will not get back to mine until Thursday...where did you get the white stackable shelves?

  4. ah I've been away from the bayou for much too long as I was off on my wander. but I loved catching up and seeing all the beautiful smiles of your family (bryce eleanor is joy personified!). all the projects you have underway are great - I love how black and white can play together!

    the title of your current read is most to seek it out. speaking of books - I returned home to find a most wonderful book awaiting for me. much thanks. it is absolutely perfect - I love the archival photographs of this most important symbol! peaceon!


  5. Nellie - :) I do love Brian Andreas' quirky way of saying just the right thing!

    Kay - It feels so much better to have less clutter!

    Karoda - I know - we've discussed him before. My enthusiasm hasn't dimmed. I got the shelves at Lowe's in the closet aisle. They were easy to put together and I plan on getting more eventually.

    kimy - Had a good time, did you? I'm glad the book arrived safely - that one had Mouse written all over it!


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