Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Few Steps at a Time

The garden is beginning to look lovely again. Strange how it looks so barren one week, and the next, all is well. I love watching the garlic open up. And the bell-like blooms on the comfrey. I took these pictures early yesterday morning while it was still cool and fresh, by the afternoon it was in the 80's, but still almost perfect weather for enjoying spring.This garlic bud is opening. Looks almost like an alien, doesn't it?
Busy, busy week. Meeting down town this morning, then several errands that had to be run, including a trip to the grocery store, the post office, and the library. I was trying to get everything done before the threatening bad weather actually let lose, but now it seems to have blown over. After the last couple of days of "just right" weather, I wasn't looking forward to the new storms.

Bryce Eleanor's Christening will be Saturday. Chris' family will be coming in on Thursday. Erin and Mila and Max will be here on Friday. Several events and family functions in the works for the weekend.

I did make a new cover for my ironing board, but still haven't had a chance to really sit down and decide whether to finish some WIP's or to start something new; since things will be pretty hectic soon, maybe I'll just put off messing up newly cleaned sewing room.

I love my Notes from the Universe that I receive every morning. Here's today's message:

"Don't be afraid. You needn't slay the beast nor scale the entire mountain. That's not how it's done. You only need to move through today, Jen. Think of the distance you've already covered. Focus on your strengths. Let each new step remind you of your freedom. Let every breath you take remind you of your power. Seek out friends and guides; they're anxious to help. You're not alone. You're understood. This road has been walked before. Dance life's dance, just a few steps at a time, and in the wink of an eye you will wonder to yourself, "What beast, what mountain? Was I having a dream?"

Love you,
The Universe"


  1. Oh, your garden is breathtakingly beautiful. My yard was torn up last fall to replace the sewer line and needs to have the grass replanted in that area. Our tulip are barely poking their green leaves out. It's just not warming up in my part of Utah very much.

  2. enjoy your week - even if you don't get to spend much time in your newly-organized-and-i'm-so-impressed room. have started yoga myself - can't say i've progressed nearly as much as you or as i would like. but it'll come. eventually.

  3. Booklogged - Thanks! I'm always so glad that it really re-appears. Every winter when I look at the dead, dreary scene, I'm afraid it will never look green again. You will appreciate the tulips and everything else all the more for having to wait.

    Jeanne - I expect it will be a full and happy week. Yoga, I've discovered, is HARD. I thought it would be mostly relaxing, but not so. I do feel a little better each time, though. As you say, "eventually."

  4. What a beautiful garden! I love the mix of green and blue/purple.

    I would love to spend an afternoon here looking at everything! My tulips are about 2 inches tall right now, so I've got serious garden envy!

  5. What a lovely garden! It is still semi-brown here in Ohio...though a few daffodils have shown their shining faces.

  6. Your garden looks lovely. I'm still waiting for the for the rains to stop so the backyard grass can be mowed. In the meantime, dance life's dance is wonderful advise!

  7. Rebekah - Thanks! I do love it right now when the garden wakes up from its winter sleep and moves from early spring into this stage. But there is not much more beautiful than tulips, and you still have that to anticipate!

    Zegi - We are having frequent 80 degree days here, so we move into spring and summer before you do. On the down side, summer lingers way too long down here.

    Kim - I hate it when it keeps raining and the grass keeps growing! A freshly mown lawn doesn't last long, though. I liked that advice, too!

  8. Your garden is lovely. You must really be enjoying the season right now! I went to LSU and I miss the spring there.

  9. Rae - If you went to LSU, you know the advantages and disadvantages of our Louisiana weather. Early spring is definitely a plus!

  10. Exactly! Spring is to be enjoyed in Louisiana and summers are survived!


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