Saturday, April 26, 2008

Family, Flowers, & Books

Had a nice time in Baton Rouge. Max was better when I got there and had no obvious symptoms of anything, but was lethargic and running fever. No fever at all on Wednesday and pretty much back to his normal energetic self. I think it may have been allergies (since everyone else in our family is suffering from them). At any rate, I had a nice visit with Erin and the kids.

Have been trying to catch up on stuff around here and thankfully mowed the yard yesterday because today looks as if the bottom could drop out any minute. Love the effect of the garden on a cool, overcast morning.

See the blurry part in the foreground of the above picture? Hundreds of tiny pink rosebuds just waiting to thrill my heart.
And, of course, my fascination with the garlic never goes away. I liked this picture of the almost finished clematis flower and buds.
One of my very favorite "weeds" - Queen Anne's Lace is nearing performance time.

Finished a book that I thoroughly enjoyed: The Girl with No Shadow by Joanne Harris. It is a sequel to Chocolat, and I like it much better. I read Chocolat nearly 10 years ago and in one of those unusual situations, I liked the movie better than the book.

I put aside all the other books when I opened The Girl with No Shadow; there was simply no room for anything else while I indulged in the lives of Vianne and Anouk. Started and finished it yesterday in between visiting Laddie, mowing the yard, running errands, and exercising.

Did a little hand quilting last night while watching the first new Moonlight in a while. Now that the strike is over, I'm pleased to be able to watch new episodes of shows like Lost and Ugly Betty again.


  1. Ahhh, a fellow Lost fan. I too am glad the new episodes are here. This show just keeps getting more interesting.

  2. I love your bird "station" =-) Queen Anne's Lace is one of my very favorites...I look forward to my summers in the east where it grows in abundance...we don't have it here =-( Tiny pink rosebuds--my Cecil Bruenners are going berserk right now! I like to think my mom is up there smiling down at them along with me...Oh! I want to read that book! So, is it about the daughter? Wasn't her name Anouk??? Now I'm going to have to look for it...

  3. Much as I hate to say it, I'm glad to see TV improving. It was pretty dismal there for a while.

  4. I always enjoy your garden photos so much. My Queen Anne's Lace is just starting to poke out of the ground.

  5. Myra - I only became a fan after the writer's strike which led me to watch something other than re-runs of shows that I've already seen. What fun! Both of my daughters are great fans of the show so now we can discuss all the twists and turns. :)

    Debby - I think we've discussed our love of Queen Anne's Lace before. Such a delightful "weed."

    Of course, your mother is smiling at your Cecil Bruenners!

    And, yes, the daughter Anouk is 11 and a large part of The Girl with No Shadow. I really enjoyed it.

    Rian - :) I find that Thursday nights is the one night I look forward to with 3 shows I enjoy!

    Fran - Thanks! I know I take pictures of the same plants each year, but each year their reappearance is such a joy!

  6. Hurray for Lost! I'm so glad to have it back. The garden looks lovely. What are you hand quilting?

  7. zegi - I'm going to order the 1st few seasons from Netflix this summer when re-runs hit again! I'm still hand quilting this one but I have now finished all but the border.


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