Saturday, April 12, 2008


Comfrey is not the showiest plant--the leaves and stems are hairy, the blooms are small and bell-like. But it is one of my all-time favorites, not only for its herbal history, but for its very name. Comfrey comes from the Latin word for "grow together" and was used for healing wounds and broken bones, but it also sounds like "comfort" and has always had that effect on me. It is a comforting plant that has a healing history and kinesthetic appeal for the texture of its leaves. Click on the image and the hairy texture is clear.
Dandelions that escaped my early efforts at getting rid of them. Whether or not that was deliberate, I'm not sure because I also harbor a distinct fondness for this stage of wanton, wispy reproductive effort.
Wandering Jew and Creeping Jenny and wild strawberry and Verbena Bonarensis all tangled here - more weeding to be done, including that Verbena B. that has spread all over the darn place. Unlike the Homestead Purple verbena, Bonarensis is upright and tall. Both verbenas are invasive and must be kept in check, but I have a tendency to love invasive plants.
Today is Bryce Eleanor's day. And a lovely beginning to this day of her baptism. Erin and Max are her, still asleep. Soon everyone will be up and preparing for the baptism and the reception afterwards.


  1. Comfrey is one of my favorite garden plants - and it is also a great natural dye !

  2. looking forward to the happy family pictures that will surely be part of today's ceremony. Have been loving the garden pics and your thoughts on some favorite plants. Comfrey is amazing and seems to "touch" people on all sorts of levels.

  3. Your blog can be such an education, especially in the gardening department. Hope your day was lovely.

  4. I have a dandelion growing in the front yard and loved the pop of color. Lovely Purple verbena.

  5. happy day to bryce eleanor!

    so much color happening down in the bayou - not to whine but we had snow flurries all afternoon.... but early eve the dreariness blew away and now we have a gorgeous twilight sky - who knows what tomorrow with bring!

  6. i, too, have a deep affinity for plants that romp through gardens without permission or apology.


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