Friday, March 14, 2008

Slow, Slow Cloth and Tortured Cloth

Some progress on the slow cloth, and boy, it is it slow. I only work on it when I'm watching television, and I'm pretty slow anyway. I watched two episodes of the last season of Slings & Arrows on Wed. night and last night, I watched Lost--and made a little more progress.Gradually filling in the larger open spaces.

In a bit of straightening, I discovered some stained pieces of fabric and started ripping and folding, unraveling, free motion quilting over the folds, taking the raveled threads and punching them back in with the embellisher, adding bits and pieces of failed tatting and wool roving. Tortured cloth -- and it was kind of fun.

I've been a bad blogger lately...which usually means longer posts. Amelia sent me an email titled Through a Child's Eyes and here are some of my favorites.
I would love to see Mickey's shoes, wouldn't you? These are so funny and so touching to me; can't help but smile when I think about these kids.
Oops, almost time to leave. And I'm not finished! May have to have a second post today.


  1. fabulous slow cloth, all those stitching variations are really beautiful. keep on slowing.....

  2. i agree with jude, the cloth is fabulous...slow work always looks prayerful to me.

    the the words of the children reflect how i feel some days as a grown-up!

  3. Jude - This piece has released a lot of tension. I relax right into it!

    Karoda - Thanks, K! I can sit down with it and feel better very quickly.

    :) I just love the way the children get right to the basics in prayer!

  4. I'm (still) loving the slow cloth.


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