Monday, March 31, 2008

The Prize Arrived!

Remember when I won the drawing the other day? I won one of the fabric bundles that Debby was giving away at ...Pieces, too.... Lucky Me!

Here are the fabrics. And see the lovely tassel? The tassel -an extra, unexpected gift- is lagniappe, something that in Louisiana, we value highly!~ Lagniappe derives from New World Spanish la ├▒apa, "the gift," and ultimately from Quechua yapay, "to give more." The word came into the rich Creole dialect mixture of New Orleans and there acquired a French spelling. It is still used in the Gulf states, especially southern Louisiana, to denote a little bonus that a friendly shopkeeper might add to a purchase. By extension, it may mean "an extra or unexpected gift or benefit."

Debby sent these tassels to her PIF recipients, but I lucked out and got one, too!

It has been so grey and rainy here. Yesterday, areas of east Texas and a little south of us in LA received 8-12 inches of rain and had to deal with flash flooding. Ours was a steady rain, but nothing like that. Nevertheless, when I edited the pictures I took outside this morning, I had to lighten them up.
See the little charms and beads that Debby hid in the tassel?
It is hanging on my inspiration board right over the computer. Thanks, Debby!

A detail shot of one of the snowballs on my snowball bush.


  1. what a pretty tassle! Our local town has lagniappe every December and all the local shops give out little treats. It's a fun tradition!

  2. what a remarkable and joyous tassel. Also envious of the snowball bush. Crocus flowers finally emerged yesterday but today it is, once again, snowing. Sigh...

  3. Lovely spring green in the flowers, and the snowball flowers too.

  4. It was wonderful to see the tassel in the sunlight, the colors and textures are luscious.

  5. Rebekah - I love the idea of an entire town giving lagniappe in December!

    ACey - It is a joyous tassel, isn't it? Sorry about the never-ending snow.

    Kay - The fabric does have a spring (and most welcome) flavor.

    Kim - I'm loving my tassel.


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