Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lovely Weather

A beautiful day! Sunshine and temperatures in th 70's make it almost perfect. I went to the gym this morning, and Amanda walked me through most of the equipment. After going through all the weights and cardio stuff (just learning about the machines and doing a couple of reps on each), I did the treadmill for about 20 minutes then went to the aerobic room where we have the yoga class. It was empty as I had hoped, and I was able to practice tai chi for about 20 minutes. When I got home I sat outside for a while, enjoying the sun and reading.

I forgot to show you the completed yoga bag. It has velcro down the length to keep it closed. Blogger isn't cooperating with uploading pictures, but I can get it to work if I do one picture at a time.There is a little extra room so I can tuck a few extra things in like my swimsuit if I want to get in the whirlpool or for the steam room, which feels darn good after the yoga class. I like that it leaves my hands free. I don't like it as well as the weapons bag I made this summer for my tai chi weapons, but the yoga bag was a lot quicker with less quilting.

Still practicing tatting, but although I can remember the basics (with a little help from online), I'm having trouble with keeping consistent tension and my picots are in assorted sizes. I'm not sure about a number of other things as well, but since my fingers are just beginning to get re-acquainted with the process, those details can wait.

I've got 3 more books to review on the book blog, and three more in the works, two of which are non-fiction.


  1. how long has your hair been long? your pic makes me miss my long hair, so pretty

  2. Very cool. I love that picture you snapped of yourself.

  3. Wow that weapons bag is really special, isn't it? Love the yoga bag as well and it's very inspiring to read about your physical fitness efforts. Can't wait for my leg to be healed enough for more of that kind of thing in my own life. And I never get tired of the random glimpses of your beautiful long french braid.

  4. Both bags are wonderful and I love your self portrait with the Tai Chi bag over your shoulder. You look so cute!

  5. Anonymous - I stopped cutting my hair (which was short like a boy's) in January of 2002. I cut 4+ inches off every year because it grows so fast. It is so easy to care for - no need to blow it dry, just braid and go.

    Rian - Thanks! I'm going to experiment with another kind of bag that is larger and will accommodate more for my SIL. I have an idea in mind, but no more Asian fabric (well, not enough), so will have to order some. Darn. :)

    ACey - I loved using all those King Tut variegated threads to quilt the weapons bag; I don't have much left of that in my favorite colors...another order in the works.

    Hope your leg is beginning to improve! How frustrating for such an active person. I'm worried about your rambles through the countryside and your garden!

    Fran - Thanks, Fran!


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