Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thread Drawing; Lost & Found

Daily Thing: thread girl

Black thread on muslin, over raw-edge dress appliqué, a little colored pencil in the hair and face, fabric paint on shoes, and micro pen for nose, mouth, and outline of shoes. The eyes were a problem with the free motion stitching (she looks as if her mascara were running, and she is too young for mascara!), so I switched to the micro pen for the nose and mouth.

Rain, Rain, Go Away (I've got new sandals!)

I like doing the thread drawings, but have no idea what to do with them when finished. Some have become post cards, some are part of small quilts, but I have 2 old ones and the 2 new ones just stuck up on the design board.

This article about the habits of Happy People introduced me to a new word: eudaimonic . "Cobbled from the Greek eu ("good") and daimon ("spirit" or "deity"), eudaimonia means striving toward excellence based on one's unique talents and potential—Aristotle considered it to be the noblest goal in life."

I like the idea that "striving toward excellence" rather than achieving excellence is what is important. Don't you think that eudaimonic well-being is what is involved in the process of
creating? And while the product may be important, the process is really the key?

The other day, I looked and looked for this little bag of rat tail satin cord. Could not find it. Today, I look and there it is, hiding in plain sight, pinned to the design board with all kinds of miscellaneous items!

I ordered this apron pattern over 2 years ago and even bought the material (very autumn-y). Some day I want to make it because I really love the smock -like style. When I do get around to making it, I imagine I'll shorten it considerably and maybe add extra pockets for various sewing items.

I'm not much liking the changes to AOL email.


  1. Love your thread drawings. I think framing them or making little bed pillows would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the article. Shook up all kinds of memories of study Nicomachean Ethics in college. I think I prefer Plato's position - probably why I struggle with 'happiness.' Any day now I'll get my tripartite soul in the correct psychic order!

    Isn't everything hiding in plain sight?

  2. yes yes yes. the process. yes.
    the thread drawing is wonderful, stitching just changes line so, doesn't it?

  3. Kim - Plato emphasized math & science as far more important than the poetic aesthetic, and I'm a math dunce. I haven't read The Republic since college, so I don't remember much. I do remember carrying on a mental dialog with him, agreeing on some points, disagreeing on others. I've read only excerpts from Nichomachean Ethics and mostly remember only the Golden Mean. Actually, I'd be much better suited to this kind of study now-- who knows much of anything during those college years?

    Jude -- I've never known anyone to make more use of the process than you do! I love the process, but you examine the process even as you take pleasure in it. Which, in turn, makes the product a denser layering of pleasures.

    And, yes, most of the time whatever the item I'm searching for is right in front of me!

  4. Well, you certainly have had a busy and productive month, haven't you! What have you discovered and learned that you will use again? I should think the thread drawing will be an excellent tool to have in your skill set.

  5. Rian - I'm not sure. A lot of what I did was just to make something quickly. I've been doing the thread drawings every once in a while for the last couple of years, but they are all little girls with wild hair. They are fun, but I always do them in a little quilt sandwich and then forget about them.

    Although I intended to try some new techniques, I didn't really explore that aspect. Maybe a new self-challenge would force me in that direction. Not an every day challenge, though!

  6. Definitely, it's all about the process. So--you don't need an immediate use for the lovely thread drawing!

  7. Kay - Good! Because I do a lot of things just for the fun of it and don't really want the thing.


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