Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pay It Forward Gifts~In the Mail

Click to enlarge.I got all 6 packages in the mail yesterday and most of my errands completed. When I got home and got all of my groceries put away, Amelia called and asked if I could come help out. She was deathly ill with a stomach virus and a cold and literally couldn't take care of Bryce. Chris had been nursing her and caring for the baby all day, but he had to fly last night. So I packed a few things, put Mac on his leash, and the two of us went to spend the night.

Poor Amelia. She was pitiful; Bryce, on the other hand, was in a great mood and was a pleasure. Mac was busy trying to figure out his place in the pecking order with Amelia's dogs, but I'm not sure he ever succeeded.

This morning, Amelia felt human again and able to venture away from the bathroom. Still a little weak and very tired, but thankful to be through with the stomach virus.

I got home a little while ago, showered, fixed a sandwich for lunch, and am now contemplating what I can make to catch up with the Daily Thing I missed yesterday. Something very quick and easy...


  1. Hoping Amelia continues to improve and there are no more outbreaks in the family. Thought of you today as I began re-reading some Thoreau - his canoe travels on some local rivers.

  2. Great comic.

    You're a wonderful mom!

  3. ACey-- Amelia improved. I declined. Am now on the way to recovery. It would be so wonderful to read Thoreau in his own environs! Enjoy!

    Kim -- Too typical, isn't it? I'm always amazed at the gap between what is said and what is heard!


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