Friday, February 29, 2008

Good-by to February and the Daily Thing!

Daily Thing: Mobile
(I was inspired to attempt a mobile after looking at this Flickr group. There are some really cool variations in this pool.) I was going to add an apple, a boat, and a car - made the same way with bright fabrics over Timtex. Howevah'--- I don't much like the letters, so this is probably the end of the mobile project.

Maybe I'll try again with some needle-felted items like these flowers or pincushions I made back in 2006. I think maybe some needle-felted creatures (birds, butterflies, weird insects) or even needle-felted letters would make a cute mobile.


  1. your needlefelted flowers are so darling! I collected some roving and japanese needle felting books last year and I really need to pull them out and make some cuteness like this!

  2. Rebekah - Very easy to do and the roving is so beautiful to play with. Just be careful -- the needles can be hard on the fingers! :)


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