Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cleaning, Shopping, Making

After a little conversation with Debby over at ...pieces, too... , I decided to spend at least part of my day cleaning and straightening. Shoving everything to the side for the next project really wasn't working too well. So I've alternated between cleaning/putting away and working on a couple of old projects.

Day 7 of the Daily Thing. Took one of the extra pieces I had cut for bookmarks, cut out hearts, then stitched the edges. Now...I've made hearts, but I'm not sure what I will make with the hearts yet. Bookmarks, brooches, barrettes? What? All I care about is that I completed the challenge of making something daily. A trip to JoAnn's for a craft knife and some plastic floss bobbins. Of course, the trip took awhile because I had to look at everything first, then looked twice around the entire store for the craft knife before finding it almost on the floor underneath the scissors.

Then by the library where I loaded up on books.

Tonight -- a little zest!
I found the zester and the apple corer at Target. Aren't the colors fun?


  1. Have you bought any of those bright colored silicone kitchen tools yet? They look great, and work well too. How about hanging the hearts from a bare branch for a Valentine's tree? Or putting a loop on them and attaching them to a key ring? Maybe you could have a "What to do with the hearts" contest...

  2. how fun seeing these daily things!

    eek! something for you at the mouse.

  3. Kay - What great ideas! I think I'll make some more and have the contest, but today, I think I'll make a key ring! Thanks!

    kimy - Oh, thanks, Kim! I'm honored by the award! I DO love being part of the blogging community, and I'm grateful for your friendship, Kim! Thanks for including me!

  4. Fun hearts. I even like the threads hanging all over. and I like Kay's idea of a Valentine Tree.

  5. Kim - I just had not trimmed the threads when I took the picture, but I kind of like them, too. May add some more to some of them.


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