Wednesday, January 23, 2008


A few more projects in progress. Why I won't finish one thing before starting another, I don't know. I always have several going and when one becomes a bit boring, there is always another. Unfortunately, it means finishing anything takes a lot longer. I do the same with this one a while, then this one, then back to the first, then on to a third. Probably a symptom of some documented mental illness or neurotic trait.

Saturday was spent at the cabin, which is still unfinished, but has a working bathroom and heat. Plumbing is a great benefit, folks. Chris's parents were visiting Chris and Amelia, so they were able to join us for deer chili, ribs, sausage, etc. The girls (Linda, Amelia, and I) mostly stayed inside with Baby Bryce while the guys stood around outside talking hunting. Inside, we girls talked baby stuff (Linda & I comparing past baby advice with current baby advice, etc.), fashion, film, and generally, more interesting topics than hunting.

Later Marty and Robin joined us after attending a wedding and reception. Late in the afternoon, the guys went duck hunting; we stayed in the cabin and listened for possible results. Shots were fired and eventually 9 ducks retrieved and exhibited for admiration. Some were consumed at Amelia's the next day, and she said they were delicious, no gamey taste.

Yesterday was wasted with a sinus headache. In spite of the medication I kept taking, it got worse and worse until I was eventually sidelined, unable even to read. Fear crept in...what if this were the flu, and we can't make the Savannah trip! Eventually, I was able to take the prescription meds and things began to improve by about 9:30 last night. Whew! canceling our little escape would have been a heartbreaker.

I thought all the Christmas decorations were put away when I glanced at the hutch and realized, I've overlooked one of Fee's Santas. Poor fellow! Forgotten and, although in plain sight, completely unseen for weeks.


  1. Your cabin week-end sounds wonderful. I just found a Christmas decoration hanging out in plain sight, too!

  2. Gerrie - It was fun! Can't wait for the darn thing to be finished.

    I'm not sure how many times I walked through the house looking for Christmas decoration hold-outs and still missed this fellow.

  3. Poor fellow? He's probably happy to have escaped getting boxed up with everything else!

  4. Kim - Now he will have to go in the trunk in the living room as all of the other boxes are put away. Escape was only temporary!

  5. Heh. I like his skulking quality. As if realizing you hadn't tracked him any sooner ...

  6. If you're neurotic for having simultaneous projects, then you have a sister here. I never thought about it being nutty till a blog reader asked me if I really work on so many projects at once. I thought about it and concluded that I would probably never finish anything if I had to work on the same piece all the time. (I only do BIG quilts.) I like the variety of rotary cutting one day, hand-piecing the next, and strip-piecing the next. Let's face it, enthusiasm for anything (housework, quilting, reading) wains after a while, and I've learned it's best to leave a project until you feel revitalized toward it, than to slog through it with resignation. Variety is a good thing!

  7. ACey -- He's looking a bit put out, isn't he? Some of the Santas Fee made have strange expressions. This one has lost his solitary look-out post now, and he must wait another year for freedom.

    Jane Ann - :) You are so right about enthusiasm waning--housework enthusiasm never lasts long around here! One of these days, I'm going to make a BIG quilt (what you do with ease, seems overwhelming to me).


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