Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day 7

Rosemary for remembrance. Every garden should have some; it is also one of the plants associated with the Winter Solstice, a time for remembering and evaluating.

If everyone wanted the same thing if everyone wanted whatever was super trendy
and wildly popular, or even if everyone wanted a garden, it wouldn't
change the fact that you could still have yours.

There is enough for everyone.

A Note from the Universe

I rooted the rosemary about 6 weeks ago, so it has a long way to go to look like much.

Today was a full day. We took Laddie to the doctor to see about the rash. It isn't shingles; it is an allergic reaction to something, but they aren't sure what. We've removed all soaps, creams, etc. Laddie got two shots and loads more medications--3 more oral meds and two topical ones. The whole thing took over 5 hours from the time I picked up Marty until we had all the meds (part of the time was waiting for the prescriptions to be filled and going to two more pharmacies looking for one of the topical creams) --then we still had the party to attend...looking somewhat worse for wear!


  1. I just love the smell of Rosemary!

  2. Rissa -- So do I! I go out and run my hands through it just to get that whiff of "fresh"!


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