Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 4

Day 4: Fee received flowers, a cyclamen, because cyclamen comes from the Latin that means circle or wheel. The circle or wheel is one of the symbols of the Solstice, and red is one of the Solstice colors (believed to deflect evil) as well as a Christmas color. The poem is Welcome Morning by Anne Sexton, and I've posted it before here if you want to read the whole thing. It is a lovely poem.
Fee is going out of town again tomorrow and said he is taking his lap top so he doesn't miss any of his birthday/advent/Winter Solstice gifts.

Camille (Thimble Blossoms) is having a pattern give away on her blog. Her quilts are so fresh, vibrant, and fun!

I had to stop and clean up my sewing room today. The chaos finally got to me and functioning was no longer possible. Fabric had to be folded and put away, pieces of various projects sorted into baskets and plastic bags, notes gathered up in hopes of organizing them--although some notes are so brief, ambiguous, or illegible that it isn't entirely clear with which project they should go...

When the room was reasonably straight, pandemonium ensued once more. I have not forgotten the PIF gifts, but they must wait until after Christmas. My winter class quilt is also on hold at the moment. So much to do and our new grandbaby, according to Amelia's doctor will be arriving on the 11th, if not before. Everything is in place. Baby Bryce is ready, Amelia is ready. I have to see if I can get my doctor's appointment moved up a day so I will be ready.


  1. I *should* be in bed asleep but I'm glad I was surfing. I've so enjoyed reading your post for the last four days. Thanks for sharing the Joy!

  2. Kim -- This has turned into one of those things that has been so much more fun than I anticipated!

  3. Hey not sure if you know this since you didn't mention it. In some systems of flower magic, cyclamen is a symbol of devoted lovers. Giving these flowers to a partner/spouse is considered VERY auspicious. Thought of that immediately as I read your post.

    I wonder when Bryce will appear and what place her arrival will hold in the family legends ...

  4. thanks for the tutorial on cyclamen - both you and acey! I love learning new things!!!

    your gifts to fee are also gifts to all of us. thank you. more sweetness coming what # grandbaby is coming?

  5. Acey -- I didn't know it. In fact, I chose the cyclamen because I like it, but as I typed the word in the post...the root word hit me in the face, and I looked it up. It fit perfectly. Now it has added meaning. Thanks!

    kimy -- I love learning new things, too; love researching when something catches my interest. How nice to know the additional information about a plant that has always been a favorite! Ooooo -- third grandchild soon!

  6. Fascinating info on Cyclamen. Since I am such a sun worshiper and look forward each winter to the Solstice (days are getting longer again!) each year, I am going to get a red Cyclamen for our dining room. Thanks. I always love the poetry you post.

  7. Fran - I know what you mean. Here's to longer days! And red cyclamens! I'm glad you liked the the poem; it is one of my favorites.


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