Friday, December 28, 2007

After Christmas

I've been enjoying this post-Christmas time. Of course, there were many things that needed to be done following the Christmas celebration, and I am still doing some of them, but slowly and with no deadlines. I like that part. No deadlines. I have been taking my time and relaxing, thinking about what needs to be done, setting a few priorities, and doing a little here, a little there, and trying to persuade myself to go ahead and purge the Christmas decorations. I didn't even get out many of the decorations, and no one missed them.

There are so many cherished items made and accumulated over the years, especially ornaments. Alll we put on our tree any more are the button hooks, but there are so many treasured little items that Erin and Amelia might want some day. I think I'll get two boxes and begin separating the items that each of them made or that were given to them and have their names on them.

Christmas pictures -- you knew they were coming, didn't you?

Amelia and Bryce
Mila and Bryce
Mila , trying on her lovely new coat from Aunt Mimi (Amelia).
Here was the big hit; I keep a bunch of latex-type gloves in the kitchen for washing dishes, cleaning the oven, and other chores, totally unaware of their entertainment value. Mila and Max had a great time with them.
Over at Marty & Robin's on Christmas Day, the youngest set of cousins are here for only a brief moment before more activity.
Amelia, Robin, and Bryce
Maggie, busy reading. A gril after my own heart!I've spent quite a bit of time practicing handwriting using Vimala Rodgers' book Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life. The daily practice has been strangely calming and instead of dreading it or neglecting it, I've looked forward to the peaceful feeling that comes with the simple practice of letter formation. Trying to change your handwriting and your letter formation is a real challenge.


  1. Enjoyed the photos !Amelia looks remarkably un-exhausted and deliriously happy !
    I love snail mail because it forces me to write - and try to write nicely at that. In my journal I notice how my writing changes depending on the day - mood - etc. It is quite something. Sometimes so messy even I have a hard time deciphering it in later months!

  2. great selection of holiday images. Was also struck by how well-rested and sparkling Amelia looks. I have been a lot like Maggie in having received a few books. It is difficult to tear myself away from them except for, good lord, the eating...

  3. Marie - Amelia is pretty happy! She and Chris are doing a great job with great joy.

    I love snail mail, too. One resolution I made in the summer was to write Mila every week; unfortunately, I gradually eased out of the habit, but I'm going to try again.

    Oh, yes, mood has a definite effect. When I'm depressed, my lines turn downward (all of my journals are unlined), and when I'm in a good mood, the lines tend to go upward. It is very visible on the page, but completely inadvertent. And my sloppy handwriting is another reason I'm willing to practice!

    Acey - Thanks. Amelia had a quick recovery and is enjoying herself tremendously.

    "good lord, the eating" is becoming a bit of a problem for me. Sitting like a couch potato with a good book and stuffing my face have occupied a great deal of time lately. :)

    Kim - Thanks!


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